Women in Tech Initiative

Empowering the women engineers.

P&G #WomenInTech Initiative

This year, we have partnered up with P&G to give away 100 pairs of tickets exclusively for women in tech and engineering!

We have ran out of invitations in less than 5 hours! You can still claim a 50% off for #WomenInTech.

If you are a female engineer, developers, coder or techie with passion to make a change, you can still get 50% off your #TechFuze19 Ticket - courtesy of P&G!


Women in the technology and engineering industries have gone places, aWe’re committed to changing the gender ratio at our events, and empowering women in tech; fostering opportunities from networking, mentorship, knowledge and many more.

With a special lounge for #WomenInTech, expect amazing networking, perks and surprises just for you all over the two days of the event.
With an amazing #TechLadies taking part of our speakers lineup, you get inspired by great female leaders and tech minds, just like you!
Opportunities & Perks
You’ll get exclusive access to MENA’s #1 #WomenInTech lounge by P&G,Whether you want to connect with fellow techies, enjoy a special agenda or grab a cup of coffee, this is for you.

Experience a tailored day just for you!

Connect, learn, mingle and get inspiration from an amazing network of like-minded females. From special perks, exclusive agenda, activities and speakers, this satellite event is a no-miss.

Get Your Discounted #WomenInTech Ticket

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