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Why partner with Tech Fuze?

Tech Fuze gathers the technology community and industry, from leaders, experts, founders, developers and engineers to answer one question: How to be future ready?

Lead Generation
With the presence of the whole technology community, Tech Fuze is a fantastic place to generate solid leads and make the right contacts that will convert into valuable business relationship.
Ecosystem Access
You are granted access to the whole technology community with the support of 50+ technology partners who work relentlessly to keep you connected all year long with our community of 240,000 technologists. It’s an exposure like nothing else.
Market Leadership
In a highly competitive technology scene, being positioned as a leader means more opportunities and unique recognition. We have made sure you will have access to all tools that ensures you get the best out of the community, and get positioned the way you want to be.
Who are you on the technology ecosystem map? Mark your place, showcase your innovations, and let the community know what you are up to. Spread awareness and let everyone learn about what you really do.

Companies who exhibit and partner with us


Vodafone Egypt

For so long, Vodafone Egypt has been part of everything we do. The connectivity leaders wants the tech community to be aware that they are far more than an operator, and they are definitely inevitable to the advancement of the digital transformation journey.

Vodafone Egypt are always keen to connect with techies, developers and technology minds, and empower the technology ecosystem in Egypt.

Amazon Web Services

AWS wants to educate developers and make sure they know what’s next. They educate the technology community about their range of products, connect with developers, and technology minds from tech entrepreneurs, CTOs and more. AWS is currently the leading cloud infrastructure provider, and they always do what it takes to stay positioned the way they deserve.

Over the course of Tech Fuze days, AWS will run talks and workshops and will get to meet thousands of their targeted community. Make sure you will be part of this.

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