What is Tech Fuze?

We help the technology scene overcome their challenges, stay relevant, and become future ready, by bringing the right people, organizations and resources together.

Tech Fuze is the largest technology conference Cairo has ever witnessed, and the one touch point for the technology community to connect, collaborate, and learn
We gather the full spectrum of the technology community along with the leaders, experts, evangelists, founders, and CEOs of technology companies to answer one question: How can we all become Future Ready?

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100+ Technology Leaders and Experts!

The technology world is flying to Cairo! This is the largest gathering of technology leaders and experts you have ever witnessed. And we're adding more every week!

At Tech Fuze, we welcome the leaders, experts, and games changers of the technology ecosystem – from all over the world and to the heart of Cairo. Our stages, talks, and activities will get you exposed to everything you every thought you of and more, ranging from deep tech, data science, and industry 4.0 to digital transformation and being part of the digitization journey and revolution.
Nothing is more empowering than being at a place with like minded people. This year, over 10,000 people from the technology community will be visiting Tech Fuze! We’ll be joined by thousands of technology leaders, founders and CEOs of the largest companies, technology professionals, techies, and engineers. If you are techies in the heart as we are, this is your capital.
This is by far the largest and hottest gathering of the technology ecosystem. It’s the world class experience you have ever wished it exists. In other words, there is now a place where you will get to access everything and everyone who speaks, thinks, and works with technology. Everyone there is open for collaboration, whether it’s on the professional or the business side. Opportunities are unlimited!

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